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    We are a guild that maintains standards for our members. We expect each of our members to represent the guild in an upstanding manner. We therefore have certain expectations of dignity and competence expressed in our guild code. If you do not uphold our guild code, this will result in disciplinary action or your immediate removal from the guild and revocation of all rights therein.

    Respectful Behaviour
    • Respect your guild leaders ( :guildmaster: Guild Master rank) and guild officers ( :qclass: Q Class and :sclass: S Class rank). Follow instructions, and be prepared to take advice when it is offered.
    • Respect your fellow guild members, any rank.
    • Respect all fellow players. This includes those on the forums, and across all servers and overflows.
    • Use public channels as intended. Do not start or participate in trolling, spamming, etc.
    • Respect the guild itself. Membership should not be treated lightly. Take no action that undermines the reputation or credibility of the guild or fellow members.
    • Any personal conflicts between members of the guild should be brought to the attention of the guild leadership ( :guildmaster: Guild Master, :qclass: Q Class or :sclass: S Class rank) rather than be taken to guild chat, guild Discord or public channels. Personal conflict in guild or public channels between members of the guild will be considered a violation of the guild code by all participating parties. Instead, message one of the guild officers ( :qclass: Q Class or :sclass: S Class rank) or the guild leaders ( :guildmaster: Guild Master rank) about your issue, or if you must argue, PM one another or form a party for the purpose.
    • These expectations extend to behaviour on game-related forums, and game or guild channels.
    Guild Representation and Partying
    • Represent our guild for all of your online time across all characters. If you are caught not representing, you are at risk of being kicked from the guild. If you have to use a personal guild bank inform an officer that you will be using it and do not spend long on it.
    • Understand your profession mechanics and how to play to the best of your ability.
    Channel Communication
    • Make proper use of our own channels. This includes absolutely no discussion of topics such as politics or religion.
    • During major guild events, please keep the channel being used for the event clear of non-essential chatter.
    • Additionally, no profanities or obscenities, or inappropriate content should be used in our channels, whether voiced or written text. The only exception to this rule is the Discord, which is provided for more relaxed speech.
    • All communication, written or text should be in English only. If you wish to speak another language, do so privately so long as the others involved agree.
    • All other expectations of respectful behaviour apply.
    Disciplinary Actions for Violations
    • Verbal or written warnings are likely to be given if the Guild Code is breached or nearly breached.
    • Guild leadership ( :guildmaster: Guild Master, :qclass: Q Class or :sclass: S Class ranks in unified agreement) always reserves the right to enforce your immediate removal from the guild and revocation of all rights therein.
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