February 2016 - Guild Hall Completed on 29th, World First NA

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    Big donators:
    Myself - 6k gold poured into stuff we needed.
    Aura - Heaps of ****, massive donator, ley-line tools especially 100+
    Vitchzzz - All those fucking kegs we needed for tavern 2
    Archimedys - For literally drowning me in 10k mithril ingots, and giving up all her shovels
    Infinite - Lots of misc stuff
    Sora - So much paper and god tier amounts of shovels
    Jacob & Freya - PvP potions very often
    Eichenberg - Flax seeds, wood, ley-line tools almost daily when needed
    Regent - Celestial crafting components, sand
    Rohdas - Sand farming with me
    Cait, Enchantra, Dinnifay, Ingros - Misc stuff when we needed it, timing was everything and I remember you guys being there for me.
    And everyone else who donated. A lot of you came to the PvP Potion event we held. Thank you everyone.
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