Pure Awesomeness

A Guild Wars 2 Guild


Solid foundations

Echo had been planning to create a guild come the release of Guild Wars 2. The idea was to create a positive online community that nurtured its members individually and taught them to spread kindness and knowledge of the game to others. Additionally the guild was to provide members with emergent gameplay opportunities generated by the leaders. Echo enlisted the help of Rohdas and Freya to help found the guild.

Between the 27-29th April 2012, the first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event began. This is Echo beginning the pre-download before the event started. Originally we planned to call the guild "Guild Wars Heroes" as you can see. We got that guild name in the first Beta.

Guild Wars 2 Client almost pre-downloaded. Including a view of the official count down webpage for this first ever Beta Weekend Event.

We wanted "Heroes Of Tyria" but ArenaNet took that for their own guild's name! We chose Far Shiverpeaks as our world server to play on at this point as we had a balance of EU players versus Oceanics to begin with.

The first screenshot of our guild ever.

In the picture are Freya, Rohdas, Echo, Kias and Clone. Rohdas, Clone and Echo make up the founders of the guild. Freya is an officer and Kias is a good friend.

This picture was featured on guildwarsinsider.com and submitted for a screenshot contest there.

The guild membership at this time.

April 2012

Stress test event

Members in this shot are Darani, Freya, Echo, Kias, Clone, Kevin and Gaiia (Tachyonic Rage).

A shot Vexia organized during the stress test.

May 2012

Beta weekend event

Edward took this shot while playing with Echo.

Freya running into battle.

Rohdas playing with her friends.

I've always loved this shot Rohdas took in Gendaran Fields at night.

Rohdas and Freya playing with the first boxes-of-fun.

Rohdas and Gaiia completing the end of the PvEvP branded dynamic event.

June 2012

The last beta

A shot of the guild together. Sylvari and Asura were finally a playable race in this beta. Gaiia (Tachyonic Rage), Darani and Freya are in this shot along with Echo. I'm pretty sure the other Sylvari I don't seem to remember is Kias and the Asura is Cutie who we just recruited into the guild at the moment of this screenshot. When we started this event the phrase "Guild Wars" was banned, so we chose "Defenders Of Tyria" for our guild name during this event.

Freya in the finale costume.

The beta for WvW taken by Freya.

July 2012

Origin of the guild name

When we began the headstart event before the release on the 25th of August we discovered we weren't allowed to use the phrase "Defenders" or "Tyria" in our guild name. Echo improvised with our favourite silly guild name of choice "Pure Awesomeness" which came up when we were thinking of alternatives and because we liked the movie Kung Fu Panda. The name has stuck and we've come to love our guild's final name since. Our final choice of world server was Crystal Desert.

This is Freya hanging out with Crusader Hiroki from the Vigil during the 2 day headstart event.

August 2012

First ever guild meeting

Sync dancing in Lion's Arch was on the agenda!

Our first Shatterer world boss encounter!

Rohdas chilling in Lion's Arch.

September 2012

The first commanders

Echo got his book first on Oct 9th of 2012, a week later Vexia had to have one. This was taken on the day Vexia got hers.

October 2012

ArenaNet employee Orange joined our guild

I dared Vexia to recruit an ArenaNet employee, to my surprise, she did and he even ran the newly released Fractals dungeon with us.

November 2012

The legend of FUFU

An emergent cow race event between guild members. This is a rare picture of guild officer FUFU, he blessed our guild with immense positivity and warmth for a short time, he was missed dearly when he had to stop playing.

November 2012

Crystal Desert rocking WvW

The world server was one of the most memoriable, we struggled in the lower tiers for years and an image like this was super rare. Well done Crystal Desert!

December 2012


Guild meeting, the theme was pink somehow.

Feburary 2013


Guild meeting underwater this time!

We had too many Omega Golems lying around. Crystal Desert's borderlands were definitely secure that week.

Guild meeting in the secret strawberry patch.

March 2013

World first Tier 3 bounty missions

We were the first to complete one on our world server the week they came out!

March 2013


Chilling out around the campfire after recently completing the Trillia Midwell bounty in Fields of Ruin.

This is probably Echo's favourite guild meeting screenshot ever.

By the six... the colours! What were we thinking?

Guild meeting in WvW.

We were badge farming here, luring the enemy into a wooden keep and using arrow carts and golems to destroy them.

Killing the new bounty Yononka the Rat Rangler.

Guild rush and meet up.

April 2013

The legend of Arclyte

Guild officer Arclyte was with us for a short time to help lead us in WvW and he was an incredible nice guy. This is a screenshot of legend where on one of our training sessions he was explaining how to place seige properly and ended up throwing the golem foundations onto an enemy wall instead. We love you Arclyte.

April 2013


Guild meeting, enjoying the Raven house fires.

Guild bounty mission.

Another guild bounty mission.

May 2013